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High-quality soldering frames from RÖSNICK

We develop RÖSNICK universal soldering frames made of our robust, solid material ROEDURTHERM E-300 AS-HT, AS-C, or AS-I, for all common types of installations. An always perfect soldering result and easy handling are decisive factors within our development.

Our universal soldering frames are delivered according to your specifications, for wave or selective soldering. A circulating contact strip enables the board or soldering mask inlay. The integrated board is held down by adjustable support bars with embedded pressure balls and soldering masks with aluminum fixings.   

By means of the T-slots embedded in the soldering frames it is possible to flexibly use either simple support bars or adjustable bars or adapters to support the fourth side.

Our support bars or adapter bridges are available in different versions, always perfectly adjusted to your product.

In addition to the soldering frames we naturally also offer cover systems for holding down assemblies and single components during the soldering process. In the development we have paid special attention to maximum flexibility with the utmost stability. With four spring-loaded bushes to automatically secure the cover from twisting, and equipped with flexibly mountable downholders in different lengths, our universal cover systems in connection with our universal soldering frame provide


Since our foundation in 1994, RÖSNICK Vertriebs GmbH have been developing and selling equipment for the worldwide use in the electronics industry. Being one of the market leaders in this segment RÖSNICK have grown steadily. The flat corporate hierarchy enables us to react promptly and to maintain direct contacts with customers.

Our clearly defined goal: making the work of our clients easier by means of individual service, innovative solutions, and a broad product range.

Our own demand for high quality as well as the high innovative level of our products have allowed us to develop into a competent partner of the electronics industry. We have understood that the continuous corporate development as well as the product development on the pulse of time have been attractive for the customer, and therefore we co-operate directly with the customer to make innovative solutions happen. In order to be optimally responsive to the requirements of our customers at any time, we always maintain our company-own 3D printers as well as our construction software up-to-date.

Our internationally operating sales operation is looking forward to answering your questions, meeting your technical challenges, and providing you with information.

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