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Soldering Masks

Selective soldering mask with titanium insert
Soldering mask with cover system
Fractional soldering system for automatic assembly and wave soldering
Fractional soldering system coated
Soldering Mask with cover system and assembly key
Assembly key detail

In recent years the permanent pressure on production due to increasing quality and shorter manufacturing time resulted in the development of a new technology. Roedurtherm enables the application of high temperature resistant, anti-static synthetics during wave and reflow-processes.

What are the reasons for using soldering masks?

  • Increase in quality
  • Cost cutting
  • Increase in quantity
  • Technology upgrade

Anywhere reproducible soldering results are required it is necessary that all manufacturing parameters are adapted to each other. The adaption and fixation of the solder pieces is an essential step in this process. The soldering mask in which the platine is fixed guarantees a stable pre-defined soldering outcome. The number of inaccurate soldering parts as well as costs for maintainace decrease, ensuring better quality at the same time.

Selective soldering masks

Modern masking technique enables you to secure certain parts of the platine from flux, temperature and tin. This way it is not nessecary to use bluemask, which results in less costs for the platine itself, handcraft and disposal.

Fractional soldering systems

Double-sided SMD reflow-soldered modules are becoming status quo in day to day production. Unfortunately 96-pole THT adapter are still existing, that need to be soldered occasionally. This needs to be done via hand, a robot or fractional soldering systems. Fractional soldering systems enable us to use double-sided SMD reflow-soldered modules with conventional wave-soldering machines.

The bottom-side SMD components are embedded in the mask and protected from flux, temperature and tin. THT components are soldered in specially shaped soldering frames. Especially when using this technology it is useful to consider certain height / distance functions between SMD / THT components during production of a new module.
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