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SEHO Universal Frame

SEHO universal frame
SEHO universal frame with traverse
SEHO mask frame
SEHO universal frame with cover system
SEHO mask frame with bridge

SEHO-Aluminium frame with bolted universal frame-passepartout made of ROEDURTHERM E-300 AS-I, ROEDURTHERM E-300 AS-HT or ROEDURTHERM E-300 AS-C for adapting masks and AC bridges.

The masks are placed on the passepartout from the top and can be fixed with downholders if needed. They consists of ROEDURTHERM E-300 AS-I angles that are attached to the T-flutes of the AC bridge and can easily be assembled. The T-flutes can be inserted from both the front side as well as the long side. Additional traverse systems with tail hooks are applicable in order to stabilize large-scale platines or universal cover systems.
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