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Product racks
Vacuum gripper for different equipment
AC Bridges – Different solutions
Special Telescope Adapter
PCB magazines
Soldering frame racks

Product Racks

AlMg3 fitting device for receiving ERSA aluminum frame. The best ergonomic tilt angle 0 ° to 25 ° can be adjusted using a sliding guide.

Vacuum gripper

made from Aluminum for different equipment eg. PCB Depanelling Machine

AC bridge – different solutions

The AC bridge is replacing the traditional bar of brackets, which according to our experience tends to inconsistent soldering results in case of irregular maintenance due to its inconsistent clamp depth. The Springball treated AC bridge made of Roedurtherm E 300 AS-I/AS-HT/AS-C is maintainance free with the exception of occasional cleaning.

Additionally, PCB’s with different specifications can be adapt with our AC bridge solutions.

Special telescope adapter

Universal adapter ROEDURTHERM E-300 AS-I for supporting the 4th free side of printed circuit cards in universal context. This adapter is available in 4 standard widths:

Type & breadth options
  • Adapt 4/ 2 105 - 143 mm
  • Adapt 4/ 3 145 - 183 mm
  • Adapt 4/ 4 185 - 223 mm
  • Adapt 4/ 5 225 - 263 mm
  • Adapt 4/ 6 265 - 303 mm

PCB magazines

PCB magazines made of aluminum are also available one-hand-adjustable. Stiff dimensions and temperature resistant. The dimensions are realized according to customer specifications. The measure of Lp-selectable slots is adjustable. The variable side wall of the magazine can be easily set with a hand crank in width to the required PCB size.


The ideal storage option for your production equipment. Manufacturing of custom designed racks for all types of soldering frames and masks in all sizes. Dressed, painted as a cabinet with doors or uncovered as a rack.
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