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Soldering carrier from titanium

Soldering mask from titanium, diagonal soldering
Titanium detail
Soldering mask from titanium
Coated titanium (close-up)
Titanium detail II
Titanium detail III

The complexity of applications and devices require an ever more sophisticated milling design with continued good soldering results. Always where under-side SMD components are very close to neighboring THT solder joints and the intermediate webs are very thin - yet remain stable in the long term - titanium inserts brings the decisive advantage.

In contrast to the composite material, which loses in web widths of <1 mm, crucial to stability and long-term durability, titanium is a material of a very high stability. Depending due to the milling designs webs can be realized up to 0.3 mm of residual material.

In addition, titanium offers a particularly good heat transfer, so that hard to reach solder joints get enough heat to achieve optimum soldering.

There is the option to coat titanium inserts with our patented non-stick coating P12201.
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